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First Line Fridays – Keturah

Happy Friday Reading Friends!

I recently started this book by Lisa T. Bergren. And I confess, I picked it up because I just visited the Caribbean in December, and let’s face it, I am ready to go back! The sun, the food, the relaxing atmosphere….This is certainly a unique setting for a Historical Romance as well, so that has been fun!

Today’s first line is from…

Lisa T. Bergren
10 June, 1773
Rivenshire, England
In the hopes that at least one would get through, their father had sent three copies of his last letter from the West Indies; as it happened, his daughters received them all.


What is a setting that you enjoy reading about?

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26 thoughts on “First Line Fridays – Keturah

  1. My post this week is from Firing Line by Mike Hollows which is set in one of my favourite places: London. However, it’s World War II London, which is a time I’m happy not to have lived in!


  2. I’m not fussy when it comes to settings, but I have to say I really enjoyed the uniqueness of this setting.

    I have the first line from Sondra Kraak’s new release, Three Words and a Kiss, on my blog today, but right now I’m going to share the first two lines from my current read, ‘Justice’ by Emily Conrad, which releases on 9 March:

    “Snow floated onto Main Street, each flake large enough to catch the breeze like a parachute. A miniature army, launching a surprise invasion on March first.”

    Have a great weekend!


  3. My first line is from The Innkeeper’s Daughter by Michelle Griep.
    Dover, England, 1808
    Numbers would be the death of Johanna Langley.


  4. I enjoy several types of settings.

    The turquoise water surrounded Kaia Oana in a warm, wet blanket of delight. – Distant Echoes by Colleen Coble

    Happy Friday!


  5. Fun first line! My first line is from the classic Doctor Thorne.
    “Before the reader is introduced to the modest country medical practitioner who is to be the chief personage of the following tale, it will be well that he should be made acquainted with some particulars as to the locality in which, and the neighbours among whom, our doctor followed his profession.”
    https ://
    Happy Friday!


  6. I loved this book so much! I already want book #2 in the series to come out!!!

    Happy Friday!

    Today I am showcasing the first line from Michelle Griep’s newest novel, The Innkeeper’s Daughter. I am loving the book. It is a page turner, and the hero is wonderful. I am just starting chapter 18, so I will share the first line from that chapter here:

    “Johanna opened the door to chaos, then stood there, jaw agape.”


  7. I’m featuring “Cursed” (The Gaia Chronicles Book 1) by Grace White on my blog today.

    “Today is the worst day of my life. And, that’s saying a lot given what I’ve been through in my nineteen years.”

    It’s a ya fantasy / pnr which was a fabulous start to a new series by Grace White!


  8. Another review on this series. I haven’t read it. On my blog I am featuring the The Witches City series. I am just starting NO CURSE FOR THE DEAD. A story about Florence Nightingale.
    CHAPTER 1 September 1853 Some said I must have been possessed by a demon to take on the position as superintendent at the Establishment for Gentlewomen


  9. I wouldn’t say no going there either 😉 My lines for today: “Louisville, Kentucky, 2015

    All Allison wanted was for this conversation to be over. That and she hoped the ehavy gray clouds would part and the sun would appear. It could go either way today – sun or rain. She stood at the kitchen window, peeling old white paint off the sill as she waited for the Kentucky sky to make up its mind.

    Meanwhile, sitting behind her at the table, her lover, Cooper Mc Queen, gently ruined her life.” Happy Friday!


  10. Here’s the first line from the prologue of my current read: “Wyatt Paxton never realized coming home could be as bittersweet as leaving.” (From The Sea Before Us by Sarah Sundin)


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