First Line Fridays — Across the Blue

First Line Fridays on Hoarding Books

Today’s first line is from

Across the Blue
by Carrie Turansky.

Across the Blue


My First Line:

February 1909

Isabella Grayson’s shoe sank into the plush red carpet of Broadlands’ south hall, and she released a soft sigh.

What are you reading?  What is your first line?
Open the book nearest you and post the first line in the comments below…

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22 thoughts on “First Line Fridays — Across the Blue

  1. Happy Friday!
    I am also sharing the first line from a Carrie Turansky novel over on my blog. I just started reading it, actually and WOW what a prologue! I am only in chapter 4 but I can already tell I will be wanting to read more books by Turansky. 🙂

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  2. I can’t wait to read Carrie’s new book!

    Hartville, TX 1886
    Hugh Sterling hopped off the train, hand on his sidearm, ready for trouble.
    First Line from the Prologue of Seven Brides for Seven Texas Rangers Romance Collection by Erica Vetsch, Gabrielle Meyer, Amanda Barratt, Susan Page Davis, Kathleen Y’Barbo, Vicki McDonough, and Lorna Seilstad.
    Happy Friday!

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  3. I LOVE Carrie Turansky’s books!



    “It’s time,” the voice said. “Remember what we told you.” – No Place To Hide by Lynette Eason

    Happy Friday and Happy Reading!

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  4. I’m sharing a first line from an Indie release on my blog this week.

    The book closest me is one I have to review in about a month, “Presumption and Partiality” by Rebekah Jones (it’s a vintage Jane Austen retelling–another Indie release). In fact, I haven’t even looked at the first line… let’s see what it says…
    “The sun beat down cheerfully on that last day of August in the year 1932. Then again, it could be argued that the sun always showed a cheery face in that part of Arizona’s desert and most especially in the summer.” (Okay, first two lines, I cheated… 😉 )

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  5. I’m reading Lexi Blake’s Nobody Does It Better. It’s had some really amazing moments in it that fans of hers will love!

    “Kayla Summers walked into the gorgeous lobby and tried not to think about how badly her hands were shaking. To her right she could hear the sound of the ocean,most times a deep comfort to her, but today not even that rolling, endless symphony could soothe her. Of course, it wasn’t every day she did spy stuff.”


  6. I loved this book so much! I’m sharing about this book on my blog so I’ll share the book that is sitting closest to me.

    10 June, 1773
    Rivenshire, England

    In the hopes that at least one would get through, their father had sent three copies of his last letter from the West Indies; as it happened. his daughters received them all.

    Happy Friday!!


  7. This sounds like a great story. I love Carrie Turansky’s writing.

    I’m sharing the first line from If I Run by Terri Blackstock on my blog today, but I’m about to start reading The Winsome Miss Winthrop by Carolyn Miller,which releases in March. Here’s the first line:

    The deeply blue Gloucestershire sky brought comfort as Catherine Winthrop emerged from the tenant farmhouse.

    I love Carolyn Miller’s books, so I’m looking forward to reading this one!


  8. Out of the Ordinary by Jen Turano
    “Slipping through the crowd gathered on the upper deck of a most extravagant yacht, Miss Gertrude Cadwalader drew in a breath and adopted an air of what she hoped would be taken for nonchalance.”


  9. My first line us from Fugitive Spy by Jordyn Redwood:
    As CIA spy Casper English crossed the threshold into the abandoned home, the faint wheezes of a man teetering on death whispered just above the gusting snowstorm.

    I love Jen Turano!


  10. I just finished reading Across the Blue by Carrie Turansky a few days ago….loved it!

    My first line is from The Dishonorable Miss DeLancey by Carolyn Miller….

    Brighton Cliffs, England
    April 1845
    …The Honorable Clara DeLancey stood atop the chalky cliffs…

    Blessings, Tina


  11. Happy Friday! My first line is from My Heart Belongs in Castle Gate, Utah by Angie Dicken:

    “Leanna McKee pushed her hat by its brim, hiding her face as best she could. She would not let him see her.”


  12. I’m sharing from Michelle Griep’s The Innkeeper’s Daughter (Shiloh Run Press, 3/1/18) on my blog today, and from Winter in Thrush Green around the links, so here is the first line from chapter one of the current read I’m hoping to finish next, Conspiracy of Silence by Ronie Kendig:

    “Vindication tasted like sweat.”


  13. Happy Saturday!!!

    On my blog, I’m sharing the first lines from Lisa T. Bergren’s fantastic novel, Keturah. Here, I will share the first lines from the novel I’m currently reading, A Brush with the Beast by Richard Sones.

    “Good night, Mr. D,” chirped an elderly secretary as Nick left his office on another late night. Slim, young, black briefcase in hand, he walked briskly toward the door.


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