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It’s NOT hoarding if it’s books! The internet says so!!

Who are we?

A group of four friends who love each other and books (duh). We’re mamas and cool aunts, bookworms and bloggers. In 2016, we started a weekly blog meme called First Line Fridays, borrowing the idea from other bloggers who were no longer organizing the linkup. Over the last year, we’ve grown from the original four into over twenty-four bloggers who post their favorite first lines each week and link to each other’s blogs.

With awesome growth comes change and, in the interest of making FLF a bit simpler, we four founding members decided to form the Hoarding Books blog as a home base for the weekly linkup. We also may venture into other bookish shenanigans from time to time, so stay tuned!

FLF gang
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The Contributors

Carrie from Reading Is My SuperPower

rimsp button design croppedCarrie (aka MeezCarrie) is an avid reader, a book reviewer, a story addict, a KissingBooks fan and a book boyfriend collector. She also loves Jesus and THE Story a whole lot.

Her passion in blogging/reviewing is to connect readers with a new favorite author or book, especially in the Christian fiction genre. Carrie lives in central Kentucky with her hubby Eric and their quirky dog Zuzu and is the long distance cool aunt to ten nieces and nephews.

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Sydney from Singing Librarian Books

Singing Librarian Books

Sydney is a stay-at-home avid reader mommy-librarian who has loved books and reading from a young age. She is an advocate for early literacy and believes that there is a book out there for everyone; it is only a matter of finding the right one.

Sydney thoroughly enjoys connecting with authors and readers online via social media and blogging at Singing Librarian Books and hopes to one day write a novel of her own.

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Rachel from Bookworm Mama

Rachel is a stay at home mom who LOVES to read. She enjoys good (clean) books of all kinds. However, she has a soft spot for historical fiction. There is something magical that can only be found between the covers a book and her desire is to share that piece of magic with you.

Rachel has been reviewing books since 2014 and is the sole owner/operator of Bookworm Mama. And she simply adores being immersed in the bookish world. Her husband and 2 beautiful children are her life and joy. Among the 500 things she does a day, she still finds the time to read.

Rachel currently works for Pepper D. Basham as her Virtual Assistant.

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Beth from Faithfully Bookish

Faithfully BookishBeth is a Christian fiction enthusiast, book reviewer, and blogger. She strives to edify and connect with readers and authors through Faithfully Bookish and on social media. Beth is passionate about promoting authors and their entertaining, encouraging, and redemptive stories.

Beth lives with her husband and their four children in a close-knit rural southern Illinois farming community. When she isn’t reading, Beth enjoys indulging in a favorite show or movie with her family, completing DIY projects with her husband, and seeing the country on long family road trips.

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