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First Line Fridays — Molly

Happy Friday, reader friends! Do you have a go-to escape genre? When I’m stressed or tired or just need to laugh, I reach for a romantic comedy! The next rom-com on my tbr is Molly by Sarah Monzon!

Molly by Sarah Monzon

Molly by Sarah Monzon




First Line:
Just call me George Washington. You know, because of the whole cherry tree thing.


The way 2020 is going, there truly aren’t enough rom-coms in my library… share your favorite in the comments!


Your turn! Grab the book nearest you and post the first line in the comments!
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6 thoughts on “First Line Fridays — Molly

  1. My first line is from A RECKLESS LOVE by Beth White
    Prologue: April 22, 1865 North of Memphis, Tennessee

    Zane’s first thought when he came to was that the world was coming to an end.

    Great ending to the series!


  2. What a great first line! I love it! My current read is A Cowboy at Heart (The Amish of Apple Grove, Book 3). Here’s the first line: “The first fingers of sunlight danced across the tips of tender wheat plants that had poked through the rich Kansas soil only two weeks before.” Have a great weekend!


  3. I’m giving up posting First Line Fridays for a while. I find that I’ve copied the first line, then later given up on the book myself, leaving readers waiting for thoughts/reviews on a book I’ve already placed in my LFL or returned to the library. LOL
    I did enjoy your thoughts on the Rom Coms, though. They are a last resort for me if I have nothing else to read or am not in the mood for reading much of anything. A book that has “more to it” than your “normal” RomCom is Ritu Bhatal’s Marriage Unarranged. I highly recommend it.


  4. Happy Friday Beth!

    “Is your little boy all right, Mr. Baker?”
    …from All He’ll Ever Need: A Little child Shall Lead Them by Loree Lough.

    blessings, Tina


  5. Happy Friday! 🙂
    Today, I’m sharing the first line from Line by Line by Jennifer Delamere. I’m currently reading The Woman in the Green Dress by Tea Cooper, so I’ll share a line from there:
    “Stefan pushed open the doors to the Berkeley deep in thought.”
    Hope you have an excellent weekend! 🙂❤📚


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