First Line Fridays — Sick Day!

Happy Friday, reader friends!! At least we hope your Friday is happier than ours because we’re calling in sick! This whole “catching colds from internet friends” business is seriously starting to seem legit. Go ahead and party without us and we’ll check-in the next time we drag ourselves off the couch.


Grab the book nearest you and post the first line in the comments!
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16 thoughts on “First Line Fridays — Sick Day!

  1. I hope you all feel better soon!

    My first lines are from Undercover Twin by Heather Woodhaven

    Audrey Clark adjusted her crossbody bag as she stepped out, under the cover of stars. The atmosphere matched her mood, dark and uncomfortable.


  2. Feel better soon!
    I’m sharing the first 2 lines from Foremost by Jody Hedlund.
    I crouched next to Edmund behind the boulder. The harpy eagle circled overhead, her gray-and-white markings blending with the frosty winter sky.


  3. I’m sorry you are sick. Hope you feel better soon.

    Happy Friday!

    Today on my blog I am sharing the first line from A Christmas Haven by Cindy Woodsmall and Erin Woodsmall. It’s a great Christmas novella that I am thoroughly enjoying. I’m currently on chapter 17, so I will share the first line from there.

    “The sun hung low on the horizon as Arlen released twenty-four cows from the milking parlor into the pasture.”

    Hope you have a great weekend. Happy reading!


  4. Oh no! Hope y’all feel better!! I’ve been sick this week too but thankfully I’m starting to feel better. Today on my blog I shared from Something Needs to Change by David Platt. Right now I’m about to start The Killing Tide by Dani Pettrey so I’ll share the first line from that here: “Fire ripped through Finn’s right shoulder, ricocheting down his arm.” Hope you have a great weekend!


  5. Praying you will feel better soon! Happy Friday! My first line(s) is from “I Don’t Chase the Garbage Truck Down the Street in My Bathrobe Anymore!” by Dianne Barker:

    “Weddings make me laugh. It’s that pledge to the spouse, “All my worldly good I thee endow.” If my husband had only known!”


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