First Line Fridays — Murder at the Flamingo

FLF Fall

Today’s First Line comes from

Murder at the Flamingo

by Rachel McMillan.

Murder at the Flaming


My first line:

Heartbeat, Hamish. Assess your surroundings. Acknowledge the trigger point. Assure a corner for quick retreat before the symptoms draw attention.

What are you reading?  What is your first line?
Open the book nearest you and post the first line in the comments below…

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9 thoughts on “First Line Fridays — Murder at the Flamingo

  1. Happy Friday! My first line is from How to Make Victoria Sponge by Margaret Kazmierczak.

    “Monday, six-fifteen in the morning and the alarm wakes me up for a new day.”


  2. Loved that first line!!
    Here’s mine from Cheryl Harper’s A Home Come True:

    “Daydreaming about shoving a buttered dinner roll into Sarah Hillman’s mouth to keep her from laughing again was a sign that it was time to leave the party.”

    Happy Friday!!


  3. Wonderful first line. I am not familiar with that book at all. I will have to check it out. My first line comes from a book I started this morning called Finding Love in Big Sky, by Angela Ruth Strong

    PAISLEY SHERIDAN PINNED HER LAST help wanted flyer to the bulletin board between an advertisement for Breakfast with Santa and free ski passes to Military Appreciation Day.


  4. Happy Friday!

    I’m sharing lines from The Good Samaritan on my blog today. It’s RC Boldt’s upcoming contemporary romance.

    Here I’m sharing lines from Christi Barth’s Got it Bad.

    “Kieran Mullaney pushed through the double glass doors of Northwestern University Law School and sucked in a deep breath.”

    Having read the first two books in tis series, I can tell you, he’s going to need it!

    Happy Reading!

    Janine @The World Was Hers for the Reading


  5. Hello Friday thought you’d never get here! Hope everyone is having a great day. My first line is from Delores Fossen’s “Finger on the Trigger” Something wasn’t right.


  6. Happy Friday!😎

    My first lines come from a book I’m reading next, In Her Bones by Kate Moretti.

    Your life is more open than you think. You think you’re safe. You have neighborhood watches and room -darkening drapes, password-protected computers, alarm systems, and garage codes that are absolutely not your firstborn’s birthday.

    Have a great weekend and happy reading!😊💕


  7. Happy Friday!
    The Book I’m sharing on my blog this week is A Love Restored by Kelly Goshorn but I’m currently reading The Abolitionist’s Daughter by Kathleen Maher so I’ll share the first line of that here: “The wrong ideas could get a head–and a body–into a heap of trouble.” Hope you have a great weekend with plenty of quality reading time! 🙂


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