First Line Fridays — More Than Meets the Eye

First Line Fridays with Hoarding Books

Today’s First Line comes from

More Than Meets the Eye

by Karen Witemeyer.

More Than Meets the Eye


My First Line:

1879 — Fannin County, TX

“Don’t lose heart children.”

What are you reading?  What is your first line?
Open the book nearest you and post the first line in the comments below…

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10 thoughts on “First Line Fridays — More Than Meets the Eye

  1. Happy Friday!

    I shared the first line of the 8th book from the In Death series, Conspiracy in Death. But here, I’ll share with you the first line of one of the books I’m currently reading. This one is from Kit Frick’s “See All the Stars.”


    We went to the party because Ret insisted. I was perfectly happy right where we were: lying on our backs in Jenni’s sprawling front yard, building our best-ever summer playlist, telling time by the dandelion clocks until the sky was a white haze of down. We were idle and airy. We had perfected the summer loaf.

    Hope you enjoyed that. Happy weekend! 😀


  2. I haven’t read this yet but I keep hearing so many wonderful things about her books.

    I’m sharing about “By the Waters of Babylon” by Mesu Andrews on the blog today, but I’m currently reading “Where the Fire Falls” by Karen Barnett so my first line will come from there.

    Olivia Rutherford applied lip rouge the same way she painted -with bold, broad strokes. Anything to distract from the truth.

    Happy Friday and hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with reading excellent books! 😀


  3. Happy Friday, Sydney! My first line comes from I’ll See You in Paris by Michelle Gable

    OCTOBER 2001

    “Maybe she’ll surprise us,” Eric said.


  4. Happy Friday! My first line is from Other People’s Children by Ellen Fannon (which I have laughed so hard through the little bit I started reading): Prologue:

    “Why are children so childish?” Robin groused to herself as she sat valiantly attempting to put two coherent thoughts together for her newspaper column that was due tomorrow.


  5. My first lines come from Vanessa Vale’s Montana Wild which releases later this month.

    “Summer Vacation. No two words held more allure for kids; what they dreamed about all year long. To me, they were equally potent, equally daydream-worthy in the dead of winter when those long summer days are months and months away.”

    I think anyone that lives somewhere cold feels that way around February!

    I’m featuring lines from The Starfish Talisman, a young adult ghost story on my blog. I hope you can top by!


  6. Happy Friday, Beth!

    I have this book on my ever so long TBR list.

    My first line comes from a book sitting on my TBR table and I hope to read soon…8 Weddings and a Miracle Romance collection by Tracie Peterson, Janet Lee Barton, Lena Nelson Dooley, Nancy J. Farrier, Pamela Griffin, Diann Hunt, Loree Lough, Sandra Petit and Gail Sattler.

    ….This is from the first novella in the book: Move A Mountain by Lena Nelson Dooley….
    The moon above Litchfield, Minnesota, poured liquid silver over Christine Daily as she cuddled in the back of the horse-drawn carriage with Christopher Davis.

    Blessings, Tina


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