First Line Fridays — Welcome to Wishing Bridge


Today’s first line is from

Welcome to Wishing Bridge
by Ruth Logan Herne.

Welcome to Wishing Bridge


My First Line:

Letchworth State Park
Mount Morris
Wishing Bridge
Exit 1 Mile

Don’t do it.

Kelsey mcCleary stared straight ahead as the wipers slapped thickly falling snowflakes from her windshield.

What are you reading?  What is your first line?
Open the book nearest you and post the first line in the comments below…

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16 thoughts on “First Line Fridays — Welcome to Wishing Bridge

  1. That is a great first line. The book looks really good!

    I reviewed the anthology, A Grand Tour, a couple weeks ago, but it has such a great first line, it had to get included. This is from the first book, A Lord’s Chance

    Southern coast of Spain, October 1852
    The smell of deck tar warming under the Mediterranean sun made Miss Isabelle Strathmore smile beneath the brim of her second-best bonnet.


  2. I’ve never heard of this book before. Love that cover and first line!

    I’m sharing about The Austen Escape on my blog today, but the closest book to me is Christmas at Carton by Tamera Alexander, so I’ll use that here.

    November 13, 1863
    Franklin, Tennessee
    21 Miles South of Nashville

    “Very nice stitching, Mrs. Prescott.”

    Happy Friday!


  3. Happy Friday! I can’t wait to read that book!
    My first line is from First Street Church Romances: Love’s Christmas Cheer by Alexa Verde:

    “Hurting her co-chef wasn’t an option,”


  4. Love this first line! Happy Friday!

    MAY 1817

    I sat across the table from the man I most admired, feeling self-conscious. – The Secret of Pembrooke Park by Julie Klassen


  5. Happy Friday!

    Today, over on my blog, I am showcasing Cara Putman’s novel, Imperfect Justice. I am so excited to review this book. I have heard so many good things. On my site, I used the first lines from the prologue, so here I will share the first sentence from chapter 1.

    “Emelie Wesley glanced at her watch and frowned.”


  6. Snow? I spent the day at the beach … summer has finally arrived 🙂

    I’m sharing from The Last Summer by Brandy Bruce on my blog today. Great book!

    I’m currently reading Out of the Ordinary by the always-witty Jen Turano. Here’s the (long) opening line:

    Slipping through the crowd gathered on the upper deck of a most extravagant yacht, Miss Gertrude Cadwalader drew in a breath and adopted an air of what she hoped would be taken for nonchalance.

    With a start like that, I’m expecting another winner!


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